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I’m your average person trying to make a difference in the world on her own terms. In today’s world there is so much negativity and hostility, it is very easy to get caught up in being negative and not helping others. I got very tired of seeing that in my world every day. Trying to explain the little incidents to my kids, or to teach them something different. People should help each other and be truly happy for one another! I decided to do something about it. I started looking for a method and way to add value to others in a positive way, on my own terms. So…I started a lovely little company called Infinias Group, LLC. The goal of the company is to help develop and grow people – personally and professionally. From the random person I meet, to the executive who wants to be a better leader, and everyone in between! Where Infinite Possibilities Begin… My disclaimer: I don't speak "whine", and drama belongs on the stage - not on this page. Please be considerate to my disclaimer and we will all enjoy our time here. Welcome to my world and thanks for stopping in for a minute.

Project 004 – ReUsing Crayons for a Kids Valentine’s Day Card

Hi Cyberfriends! It’s been a bit – super busy with work and kids lately.  Here’s the visual experiment for this week – using crayons (broken and whole) to create a new shape for use in a kids valentine card for … Continue reading

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Project 002 – Create a Rotating Desk Caddy (Part 2)

Hello Cyber Friends! I finally got the 3inch lazy susan casters in the mail!  Yeah!  Let’s get to it. Here are the material’s for where we are at. As you can see the wood pieces are together and painted.  I … Continue reading

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Project 003 – Restaraunt Style Steak

Hello All! Since I had to post a two-parter on the Desk Caddy, I figured I would toss in another smaller project.  If you have taken any amounts of time to sift through Pinterest you will notice lots of food … Continue reading

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Project 002 – Create a Rotating Desk Caddy (Part 1)

Hello Cyber Friends! I hope you all have had a great week.  The Visual Experiment for this week is a lovely Desk Caddy pinned in many, many places.  The Desk Caddy (made and sold by LivingSewBeautiful on Etsy ) is … Continue reading

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Project 001 – Create Your Own Lightbox

Project 001- Create your own light box. I saw this pinned by another user and thought, interesting.  I don’t know what a light box is but lets go find out – so I pinned it and set off into cyberspace … Continue reading

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Hey There!

I have to admit, I just adore PINTEREST!  I find myself at all hours of the night wasting time by pinning stuff to it.  There are many great pieces of information out there with pictures.  Cute clothes, tutorials, tips, hints, … Continue reading

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