Project 004 – ReUsing Crayons for a Kids Valentine’s Day Card

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It’s been a bit – super busy with work and kids lately.  Here’s the visual experiment for this week – using crayons (broken and whole) to create a new shape for use in a kids valentine card for the class.  Sounds easy, right?

There are two different pins I am using for this – Papervine Blog Post repinned and Make and Takes Blog Post repinned.  My first attempt was in a small heart shape using an ice tray, and paper cups with crayon pieces in them.  The melting part was in the microwave in a couple of minute increments.  Well….it did not turn out too well.  We (my son and I) had a good laugh over it.  Here is your laugh for the day.

The First Laughable Disaster

The First Laughable Disaster

What we learned here:  Ice Trays are not the same as silicon baking trays.  We were able to still salvage a few crayons as you can see on the paper plate.  I decided to reuse them in the new silicone baking shape that we chose at the store.  It was a $10.99 Silicone Baking Tray for mini bites (muffins) in the shape of suns.  Per the instructions on it, it can bake up to 500 degrees farenheit.  I think I’m safe this go round!

We took broken bits and also bought a box of crayons for $1 at the craft store for this project.  I used the knife and sliced through the paper on the crayon and my awesome son broke them into bits.  His favorite part was being allowed to break the crayons and not get into trouble for it.

Along with bits, break up whole crayons too

Along with bits, break up whole crayons too

While breaking crayons up, I preheated the oven to 300 degree’s farenheit.  The plan is to put the crayon’s in the silicon tray, on a cookie sheet into the oven.  20 minutes should be more than plenty.

I also prepped the freezer by putting in a baking rack, flat so that when the crayons are done in the oven I can minimize the cooling down time by popping them into the freezer.  Another 20 minutes.

04a_Bits And Pieces




In the oven mid melt

In the oven mid melt

Freezer shot - ignore the food

Freezer shot – ignore the food

24 each

24 each Unique Sun Crayons



At this stage we have melted – crayons only this time <grin>.  Whew!  Cooled them down in the freezer.  Next we get to pop them out of the silicon tray and see what we have.  Using the silicon tray is great because it can completely turn inside out to make removal very easy.


This time we have 24 each unique crayons.  These are aprox. 1.75 inches in diameter.  The perfect size for insertion into a handmade valentine’s day card for a class party.  Now if you don’t want to go through all this yourself, you can buy entire sets already made up on Etsy at stores like Sprout and Bean.

Here’s a look at a single crayon.  Pretty nifty!  I have to say, once I got the hang of this it was pretty easy and quick.  A fun project with my son.  Use the Make and Take Pinterest Blog link vice PaperVine.  Easier, and it works.

$10.99 Silicon Baking Pan

$2.00 – 2 boxes of 24 each Crayons

Already had Pam non-stick spray, cookie sheet, and baking rack.

Single nifty Crayon

Single nifty Crayon

CONCLUSION:  I recommend this project for a quick and fun valentines’ family project.  Cost is minimal if you use up all the broken bits of crayons, and the extra crayons you get from restaraunts and places going out.

Here’s a quick visual experiment for family project day in preparation of valentine’s day.  You Color My World!





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