Project 002 – Create a Rotating Desk Caddy (Part 2)

Hello Cyber Friends!

I finally got the 3inch lazy susan casters in the mail!  Yeah!  Let’s get to it.
Here are the material’s for where we are at.
Part2_MaterialsAs you can see the wood pieces are together and painted.  I have chosen 3 each 8oz.  jars and 2 each 4 oz. jars.  I will leave the metal rings on but remove the top insert.

First thing first.  I decided where I wanted to put the clamps on each side.  Then I took the sheet metal screws and screwed it thru a clamp space and into the wood.

Clamp Screwed On

The lazy susan hardware installation comes next.  I used 4 screws and screwed it to the bottom of the main body of the caddy first.
Caddy with CastorsAs you can see the lazy susan bearing is made so I can angle it to get the screws in.  Now we center it on top of the base and screw it in.

Screwing On 2ndCasterHere is a picture of how it’d look to put the base together with the main body.
Together prior to CuttingWiresIt is all together but the clamps have extra metal ribbon on them.  I tried wire cutters, not working on this.  The only way I could get them cut down was using the wire cutters to bend it back and forth close to the clamp hardware.  Doing this caused it to break off.  Not the easiest or quickest way but it worked.  Due to the sharp edges I wanted to cover it up for safety.  I would definitely cut myself if I didn’t.  The only thing I came up with was duck tape.  Yep.  White duck tape.

FinishedCaddyHere’s what it looks with the white duck tape.  Not the most elegant solution but at least it matches.  Right?

It is even and balanced, holds the jars and doesn’t tip if its filled or partially filled.  I then put the vinyl non-skid feet on the bottom.  These are stick on so pretty simple to put in place.


Wala!  Here is the final product with makeup in it.

UsedForMakeUpConclusion:  If you have the items on hand or they are easy to obtain do it yourself.  It’s fairly easy to put together.  The tricky part is the cutting of the clamps and the wood main body.

Otherwise, with all the details, waiting for shipping, etc. you may find it worth purchasing from LivingSewBeautiful.

Have a great weekend and thanks for tuning back in for part 2 of the Desk Caddy!  See ya next time.


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